Cheer Up There Ain’t No Hell

Zoom in full-sized on this photo from 1920 and you’ll see the little motto.

Cheer Up There Ain’t No Hell

Now check out the modern version. If only we had it in the subways of New York.

Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life



I’m interested in living my life in an epistolary form, so I recently decided that I wanted to make this a blog of lists and letters. So here is my first list.

1. Get a new job. Either more fulfilling or less soul-sucking, or perhaps both.

2. Debts. Usurers beware! I shall banish thee from my life.

3. Grad school be gone!

4. Travel. Just do it.

5. Dream a little dream for me.

Sarah Palin on Letterman

[h/t Reddit]

Li’l Bill

Palin is a-literate?

McCain in his own words

[h/t BuzzFeed]

Saturday Night Live – Couric / Palin

She left herself wide open for the hilarity.

Saturday Night Live – Couric / Palin Open – Video –